Microwave ovens are an essential part of every kitchen establishment.
 A microwave can perform important functions such as heating frozen or chilled produce, which is at the heart of many menus in dining restaurants, pubs & hotels.
Commercial microwaves are quicker, more efficient & robust than domestic microwaves.
They are built to withstand being used regularly every day, rather than a domestic microwave
that will rarely be used.
We provide the best commercial microwaves on the market from all the best manufacturers.
Efficient, safe & complete with warranties. Buying from Cater-data could never be easier.
Microwaves use waves to heat food at a frequency of around 2,500 MHz. When the waves
are absorbed by water, fats or sugars, they’re converted directly into heat. Micro waves are
not absorbed by most plastics, glass or ceramics but they are reflected by metal. Unlike
conventional ovens where heat is conducted from the outside of the food towards the centre,
the radio waves ‘excite’ the water and fat molecules evenly throughout the food.
Some establishments still make mistakes of thinking that a domestic microwave is good
enough for commercial use in kitchens. However, these are mostly low power models & have
just one heating element or magnetron. They are normally built from cheaper materials such
as plastic & are designed for typical domestic use like in homes for instance. When used in
commercial environments, these models take a lot longer to heat or defrost foods & fail within
a very short period of time.
The warranty would also be invalid in such a situation.
Commercial microwaves have a much higher power rating (1000w – 2000w) which produce
much faster & safer heating, essential in the catering industry. Commercial microwaves are
normally fitted with two powerful heating elements (magnetrons) which lets them operate at
higher levels without wear & tear occurring.
The power rating is accompanied by a much more sophisticated heating method, such as combination heating where the microwave has a
convection oven setting. Commercial microwaves are usually made from more robust
materials such as stainless steel to withstand heavy duty use & they often have a variety of
additional settings to allow caterers to perform safely & efficiently.
Commercial Microwave ovens offer professional caterers and chefs some unique benefits:
Commercial microwaves cook food very quickly.
Commercial microwaves allow frozen foods to be defrosted very quickly which allows frozen
products to be defrosted to order.
Commercial microwaves are relatively cheap.
It’s really important that you choose the best microwave depending on the requirements of
your business. There is so much choice from many big brands, so here are the main points to
base your decision.
Light-duty = Power ranges of 900w to 1100w. Suitable for light duty use in cafés, small
commercial kitchens or retail outlets.
Medium-duty = Power ranges of 1100w to 1500w & generally more robust. Suitable for
catering operations where the appliance will be subjected to moderate use.
Heavy-duty = Power ranges of 1500w to 2000w. These ovens are suitable for busy
commercial kitchens with regular & constant use where speed & heating performance are
Price is very much the key to any purchase & we have a fantastic range of Commercial
Microwaves to suit your budget.
Some caterers make the mistake of buying a less powerful microwave to save on money, but
there is nothing more annoying than attempting to run an efficient operation with a
microwave that is not up to the task.
Commercial Microwaves can come with manual dial controls or programmable touch
controls. Dial controls are a simple method of use & usually consist of two dials, one for
power & one for timing. Dial control microwaves are best used for heating operations where
the appliance is used for few purposes or food types. Touch controls offer a range of settings
which can be set to cook multiple dish choices.
We are able to order microwaves from many manufacturers to suit all budgets
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