With “Social Media” being the only word on peoples lips it is very easy to forget some of the more basic marketing tools that so many Restaurants and Hotels forget.

2 Simple Examples

I used to manage a hotel in Bournemouth and we used to make full use of the registration cards that our clients filled in when they came to stay at the hotel.

Let us take someone who stayed during the Summer months…. we used to add them to a mailing asking them if they would like to join us for a bargain break week-end “out of season” e.g a Valentine week-end, Christmas, New Year etc.
This was a great deal cheaper than other forms of advertising and most of all gave us incredible results.
BUT how many times have you been contacted by a hotel after you have visited it on holiday….. I bet not many

Using the same principle as the above why not present a simple “keep in touch ” card when you present the bill to a guest after the meal.
“Please can we ask you to fill in your contact details on this card so that we can send you details of forthcoming speciality nights” or “Please can we ask you to fill in your contact details for a chance of winning a meal in our monthly draw”
Again I cannot remember…. out of all the meals that I have been out to recently where this has been offered…. and all for the price of a bit of printing! The result a ready made e mail mailing list.

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