Hi Do you use Nisbets?
We can give you BIG Discounts by joining our buying consortium:
Here is how it works:
Nisbets have a discounted trade buying scheme for wholesalers, however, they charge a £4.99 postage and packing charge for all orders under £200 (at their discounted price)
So This really only works well for fairly reasonable orders… All you have to do is e mail me your requirements from their Price List …all I need is the Nisbets Code Numbers ….. I will e mail you back the discounted price and place an order with Nisbets Wholesale and then they will deliver to you direct
Don’t forget I have loads of other suppliers, so if there is anything else you need a price on do let me know.
A worked example                                          Nisbets                 Our Price
K445 Aluminium Baking Sheet                        £15.49                  £11.93
CB466 White Mug                                            £21.49 (12)          £16.46 (12)
W440 Oval Eared Dish                                     £26.99 (6)            £20.80 (6)
+ NO CARRIAGE CHARGES Provided the order is above the wholesale divisions minimum price…..if not I promise I will let you know and you have lost nothing. Payment is by Credit Card or BACS payment. All prices shown above exclude VAT
Please e mail me back if you are interested….
We are based in Dorset, so if you would like a personal visit to discuss anything Catering Equipment related then do give me a call
If you have any questions or you would like me to call to see you let me know.
Thanks Martin Lee Cater Data