We want to paint you a picture of how we could help businesses in the restaurant
For the purpose of this story, we’ve thought up a typical restaurant owner
 that we’ll be calling Jack.

The Dream

Since holidaying as a young boy in Florence in the mid-1980s, 
Jack developed a real passion for Italian cuisine.
 It was on that holiday when Jack decided that he wanted to start his own restaurant.
Fast forward 30 years and Jack is living his dream.
 He passed catering college in his late teens and had been working as a chef 
while saving up until finally, he bought his own restaurant a couple of years ago,
 “Bon Appetito”.

The Problem

Unfortunately, despite some initial success, the buzz around the restaurant died down.
After a year, his restaurant was losing money and Jack was struggling. 
He tried new additions to the menu, he tried themed nights and 
he tried advertising in the local paper but nothing seemed to work.
One evening, after a mammoth 13-hour shift, 
Jack finally got into bed only to find a TripAdvisor® review that made his heart sink.

The Discovery

Jack started googling ways of improving his restaurant. 
He realised that to succeed, his online reputation was vital. 
But he couldn’t help slip down the TripAdvisor® rankings! 
Luckily, Jack stumbled across A system to help his ranking and gave it a try…
He received some cards in the post that asked the customer how they felt about 
Jack’s restaurant. He started handing them out after each meal and before long, 
he could see which customers liked his restaurant, 
which didn’t and what improvements he could make.

The Solution

One day, after spotting that a customer left unhappy feedback, Jack responded to them using the new system
From there, he had a chat-style email conversation where he apologised for the misunderstanding and invited the diner back with a complimentary bottle of wine.
Not only did Jack avoid a negative complaint on TripAdvisor®, the diner is now one of his most regular customers. But Jack didn’t stop there…

The Happy Ending

After this great response, Jack started using the chat-system to reply to all of his diners. He noticed straight away how impressed everybody was when he thanked them for their praise, and he became very good at dealing with unhappy customers.
As his relationship with his customers grew, so did his profits. Jack continued this strategy for happy and unhappy diners, his restaurant’s online reputation was growing like never before and his restaurant was becoming busier and busier.
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